This is a student project.
The aim was creating a regional product’s packaging.

This is a student project. 

The aim was creating a regional product’s packaging.
The task was based on the *Podkarpacki honeydew honey,
which is the first Subcarpathian product included in the EU protected system on its territory.

The honey is produced in the traditional manner, by local beekeepers.
It comes from honeydew collected by bees from silver fir.
The color is diverse - from dark brown with greenish hues to almost black (before crystallization).
Honey has a distinctive spicy fragrance and delicate slightly sweet and typically resinous flavor.

Podkarpacki honeydew honey can be collected in the 17 districts and on
territory of two national parks
Magura and Bieszczady.

For the project's purposes the new brand was created
PPM (Podkarpackie Produkty Miodowe), which contains also mead and honey beer.
* Podkarpackie is one of the 16 administrative districts of Poland, situated on south-east Poland.

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