The series of posters consists of seven posters, one of which tells about the exhibition.
The exhibition is a collection of answers to the question "What creates hate?" Selected answers were presented that show the multifaceted understanding of hate on the Internet. The collected materials were an inspiration to create an exhibition under the slogan "Don't Hate!".

The exhibition aims to draw attention to the current topic of hate on the Internet.
Graphic messages closed in the form of posters are intended to show this phenomenon.
This problem is not only alive, it is constantly evolving, taking on new forms.
Let's take a moment to consider why being different breeds anger.

"What creates hate?"
1. Dissatisfaction with your own life 
2. Fear of being different 
3. To be different, to be yourself
4. Complexes
5. Lack of distance
6. No arguments

July 9−13, 2019 / Lubiąż near Wroclaw, Poland
Slot Art Festival 2019

Ola Skorżyńska

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